Join Our Galaxy Adventures!

Published on 3/19/20, 10:30 AM

Stuck Inside?

With the Global Pandemic in full effect, everyone is being told by their municipal, provincial, and federal governments to stay inside and only go out of their residences for absolutely critical reasons. This means many of you lovely gamers are stuck inside, not able to go out and about. Many of you probably already have games to play, and that's cool, but we think it might be a good time to do something special to help keep the gaming community connected, and have a fun time doing it.

That special thing is the launch of our new, dedicated, Avorion Galaxy! And we're going to make an online event out of it.

On Friday March 20th 2020, at 6pm Mountain Standard Time, we will be reconfiguring our dedicated Avorion server to generate a brand new Galaxy, and we want as many gamers to join us for the adventures in this new galaxy! This new Avorion galaxy will be persistent as it will be running on our dedicated Avorion server. We would love to turn this into a growing community of space faring gamers, not just a single event! We're hoping this can bring gamers together so we can help each other weather the Global Pandemic and have safe fun along the way. We will be running our dedicated Avorion server well past the Global Pandemic too, this doesn't go away when that ends.

What is Avorion?

Avorion is a Massively Multiplayer Online (or offline, Single Player) space video game, available on STEAM for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Our dedicated Avorion Galaxy server has a current capacity of 50 gamers, all able to play in the same Galaxy simultaneously. Gamers can indulge in many different PvE and PvP activities. Such as trading goods, mining for profit, operating space fleets, conquering the galaxy with your own faction, or even beating up rare PvE bosses (or perhaps dying to them). Avorion is an open-galaxy sandbox game, and you can play it however which way you like, so long as you don't break the game.

There are many ways that gamers can play together in Avorion, and this can include being a bastard. If you want to run your own space pirate faction, that's part of the game, but beware that others can form factions against you too! The only strict rule that we will be enforcing is along the lines of "don't break the game for other gamers". To put that another way, don't use a bug that breaks the game, and don't make it so new gamers can't join. Beyond that, space is the limits!

At the core of the game is ship design. Whether it's your first ship, your seriously beefy ship, or your 6th ship in your fleet, you can customize your ship from basic to extreme degrees. Ship design isn't just about how your ship looks, how you build it directly dictates how it performs in many regards. This includes, but is not limited to, rotational speed, acceleration, deceleration, max speed, cargo capacity, angles your guns fire at, and so much more. You can let your imagination run wild when you design each of your ship, or you can use basic designs if you so prefer.

Alternatively if you don't yet feel up to snuff with the editor, or really dig the works of others, there are many, many ship designs you can subscribe to on the Avorion STEAM Workshop and use in-game. In-turn, if you really want to show off your ship-building skills, you can upload your own works to the same Avorion STEAM Workshop and share them with the world! Even if you don't plan to use these designs, you really should check them out, as they might give you some cool inspiration for your own designs.

Ship building can be an evolutionary thing. As you progress through your space adventures you can add, remove, modify parts of your ship, or even scrap the whole tihng and start over! But make sure you do these things in safe space. Last thing you want to do is get jumped by pirates just after you removed your engines!

How do I join?

So this all sounds like a lot of fun, and it sure will be! And you want to get in on this Galactic Space Action, what do you do? First, you pick up your copy on STEAM, and make sure it's installed in time for the Galactic launch event. Second, you add our server, "" (without quotes) to your in-game favourites list. Click Multiplayer -> Join via IP, put "" (without quotes) in the "Server Address" field, and click Add Server. Third, prepare to join up for the new Galaxy at the launch date and time, Friday March 20th 2020 at 6pm MST. If you can't make it at that time, you're welcome to join the adventures after that! They're going to be continually happening, so gamers will be jumping in and out as they see fit. And if you're really having fun, we recommend you band together with other gamers and form factions! LANified! Staff will be forming our own faction too (staff only, sorry), ready to help others in need.

We would also like to note that the server is located in Calgary Alberta Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦, and to join us if you ping well to the server! Yes, even you Apple Pie loving Americans πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ can join too!

We hope you will join us for this event! Avorion has so much fun to offer for so many gamers, we really want to build an active community here, and that means WE WANT YOU! And if you know anyone else you think might find this fun, bring them along! The more the merrier. See you in space, gamers!