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More Salt Mines 2019 PC Gaming stuff Yay!

!!!Fellow Gamers we have some seriously sweet gaming action happening at the coming Smash Logic event, Salt Mines 2019!!!


There's actually a core part of all the gaming stuff we're gonna do that we haven't mentioned yet. We're gonna be running it all on LANified! Tournament Gaming PCs!

For the PC Gaming Tournament stuff we'll be running, participants will be playing on our really nice LANified! Tournament Gaming PCs. They're all the same, so competition is fair and balanced. All of these systems we have personally setup and tested. They run the tournament games fabulously, and we hope you agree.

Each LANified! Tournament Gaming PC includes:

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Headset
  • Computer Tower (CPU, GPU, SSD, Magic Fucking Pixie Dust, etc)

We also plan to use these LANified! Tournament Gaming PCs for future events. So we'd love to hear your feedback after you try them out!

But wait, there's more.

We're also adding two more Computer Gaming Tournaments to what we'll be running at Salt Mines 2019! Check it out:

DotA Underlords 6-FFA

CS:GO Demolition Mode 3v3

This brings our total up to 4x Computer Gaming Tournaments, the other 2x being:

Rocket League 3v3

Team Fortress 2 3v3

The rules and formats for all of these will be announced soon. We will be running this as structured tournaments, more akin to our "Main Tournaments" at our LAN parties. So, if you plan to participate, be prepared to commit to the gaming! Stay patient gamers, we want to make sure this is done right.

But wait, there's more.

In-case you hadn't heard, all of these sweet Computer Gaming Tournaments come INCLUDED with your Salt Mines 2019 event ticket (click HERE to get them tasty tickets). So you can easily mix and match which gaming action you get! It's like Subway, except gaming! Yay!

When you get your ticket, be sure to also sign up for the tournaments you want to enter. It helps all of us know how many cool gamers to expect and whatnot!

But wait, there's more.

If you're the kind of fabulous human unit that has read this far, well boy do I have some tasty sweetness for you. If you use code "lanified" when you get your Salt Mines 2019 ticket, you get a whooping $5 off! I know, that's UNREAL. And this RTX Super-discount is only available to the next 27 human units that use it! (!!WOW!!)

Not only do you get that ultra mad discount of $5 off, you get to show us that you actually read our boring news. How sweet is that?

Sure, our news does go on and on, especially when we talk about the fabulous $5 off that you save when using code "lanified" for check-out of your ticket at Salt Mines 2019, but we are just doing it because we care. And by using the $5 off code, you get to tell us that you care too! Because you read our boring as fuck news! Yay!

Hope to see you there gamers! It's gonna be a gas!

New Openings - Broadcast and Tournament Administration

We are seeking keen gamers to join our team, and here's some info about those roles.

New Openings:

  • Broadcasting, Personality - 2x Openings
  • Broadcasting, Production - 1x Openings
  • Tournament Administrator - 1x Openings

Brief descriptions:
Broadcasting, Personality
We seek personalities that are comfortable on camera, willing to have a fun, relaxed time, and learn current/new games. We want to foster creativity in this role, as well as cover many different games. What's more to say that you don't already know? If you have prior work, or some sort of demo you can put together, send it our way in your application! To apply, follow the application info below.

Broadcasting, Production
Broadcasting is complicated, there's lots of ins and outs, and we have extremely sophisticated broadcasting technology, methods, and more. Bringing it all together, and timing it right, can be a good challenge. We seek an individual who is technologically savvy, and prepared to keep a live broadcast operating tip-top. This isn't your neighbourhood laptop broadcast we're talking about here, we're talking about many-input ingestion, control surface manipulation, audio levelling, and so much more. If you want to push the envelope when it comes to Live Broadcast Production, then apply. To apply, follow the application info below.

Tournament Administrator
Our Tournaments turn like clockwork. Gamers have come to expect that from us, and you can be a part of ensuring everything turns as it should. If there's a dispute between participants over the rules, that's where you step in. You make the call, you judge, and execute. Gamers expect fair competition from us, and that includes fair judgement. There will be times you need to git'r done, but you won't be alone. We work hard to ensure that our Tournament Administrators have what they need to get the job done right. Rigorous development of Tournament Rules, Formats, Server Infrastructure, and so much more. This is the Core. To apply, follow the application info below.

Applying for an opening
We seek new team mates that are dedicated to our gaming events, willing to do the job right, and interested in the adventure that is putting on the best gaming events and services around. If you want to apply, but you're not sure if you have enough experience, just apply. If you're prepared to do what it takes, we want to hear from you. In your application we want to hear why you want to join us, what role you're applying for, what makes you a good fit for that role, what your favourite cheese is, and any other info you think is worth gaming. If you have any competitive gaming experience (whatever the game is, even if it's Scrabble), then tell us all about it.


Send your application to bloodyiron _at) lanified .DOT) com

Our Salt Mines 2019 Computer Gaming and Broadcast Stuff

Today we will be announcing the first wave of Computer Gaming Tournaments at the coming Salt Mines 2019 event.

The Main Tournaments that we will be running are:

Rocket League 3v3

Team Fortress 2 3v3

Each of these Main Tournaments will be limited to a maximum of 16 teams, so register ASAP! As space is limited. Each will have their own rules and formats, which will be coming soon.

We will also be running other Computer Gaming Tournaments at the event, and will announce them in the near future.

These Computer Gaming Tournaments come included with your attendance ticket for the Salt Mines 2019 event, and if you're a super keen gamer, you can use "LANified" at check-out to get $5 off! Limited to the first 30 humans.

Addtiionally, we are going to be live broadcsting ALL the Computer Gaming action we will be putting on! However, we need your help! We are recruiting Broadcasting Personalities and a Broadcasting Producer to help us make this happen. We already have a lot developed here, and just need this extra help to make it awesome. So if you are interested in getting involved with our Live Broadcasting stuff, we'll be posting more info very soon!

For info about the Smash Logic's Salt Mines 2019 event, and to get your ticket, go here! -> https://smash.gg/tournament/salt-mines-2019/

Smash Logic's Salt Mines 2019 is getting LANified!


LANified! is partnering with Smash Logic again to make their August event, Salt Mines 2019 super fabulous!

We will be providing Enterprise grade Power and IT Networking at the event.

But that's nowhere near as great as the gaming stuff we're going to run there too! And we need your help deciding on which sweet gaming to run, so please vote in our polls! :D

We're really excited to help make this next event happen, and if you want to see all the things going down, click here!

LANified! 32: It's a wrap!

Our latest event, LANified! 32: Burst Fire, is over!

We had a fabulous time putting it on for all you lovely gamers, and from what we've been told, it sounds like you had a great time too. Which is awesome! It means our hard work is appreciated, and that's just so nice :)

As for our CS:GO Main Tournament, the winning team was team "5 Puggers", with the following gamer roster:

  • Captain: Dingus
  • Member: AdillioN
  • Member: Vonks4
  • Member: CrystallineGod
  • Member: drunkpilot189

Congratulation gamers! We'll be reaching out to you soon to coordinate the custom plaques you've won, yay!

As for the future, we're now running a poll as to which month you think is the best for our next CS:GO LAN, so please vote in it! -> https://twitter.com/LANified/status/1132467841599397888

Hope to see all you lovely gamers at our next event! :D

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