Status Update : Oct 2022

Published on 10/21/22, 4:05 PM

It has been 21 months since our last news post on this website. And no, we are not dead!

LANified! is Where Gamers Connect, and we have been putting in a lot of work over the last bunch years into overhauling how we run events, most of that work spent developing our website, but improvements in other areas too. We are getting close to actually having those targets ready for launch. We are currently aiming to resume operations Q1 2023. That is not yet a promise, but we are working hard to make it happen!

We will have a lot more information to share about all this when it is complete and tested working (we test rigorously). This is more that we do not want to over-promise, or set any implied/explicit expectations, that might turn into unmet expectations and/or frustration in our audience (you).

What we can share

  1. Much more useful/organised event pages (all pages expected to work well on probably any device you would want to use)
  2. A storefront, for tickets, services, products, and other such things, with new payment methods
  3. A unified acount system (get ready to reserve your handle)
  4. A lot of new event, and site-wide, features
  5. We will have a lot more flexibility in what services we can provide, and how we run events
  6. When this launches we will already be working on building the next event(s)

These are some early ideas that we are mulling over for our next event:

  • 2-day LAN party, non-stop, Saturday noon open, to Sunday 8pm close, non-stop
  • PC & Console gaming
  • PC, considered tournaments (BYO): CSGO, DotA2, Rust, Minecraft, Starcraft 2, Age of Empires (which one?), more?
  • Console, considered tournaments (Provided maybe): Smash Bros Melee, Mario Kart (not yet determined version), Splatoon 3
  • Live broadcasting
  • Ambient music (not loud, primarily to build ambiance)
  • Social gaming, staff can help connect gamers for non-tournament games (Master of Orion 2? Stellaris? Rimworld multiplayer? more!)

We want to hear your feedback on these ideas, plus anything else you want to share. Right now the best place to give us feedback is in the forum for our STEAM Group.

  • Please note: We will be building out additional/better ways to give us feedback over time.

In Closing

If you're still reading this, then yay! We appreciate your interest in what we do, and we hope to see you at our events, whenever they happen next!

After all this launches and we have events posted, we will be continuing to develop the website to do more and more over time. Plus we will be doing stuff between events, including interactive Live Broadcasts and cool game servers.

You reading this and showing the support is important to us. We hope that you are excited like we are to get back to running events, and doing it even better than before!

Always Remember... it isn't the same... without you.

Thanks for your time - BloodyIron