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Tourney Rules/Format, Jobs, Poll - Join us!

Postby BloodyIron » Sat Jun 23, 2018 7:51 pm

Our next LAN party is only 3 weeks away, and we have a lot in development!

This news post includes:
  • CS:GO Tournament Rules & Format details for LANified! 29: One-Tap
  • LANified! 29: One-Tap - Mini-Tournament poll
  • LANified! Job Openings

CS:GO Tourney Rules & Format details for LANified! 29
We have posted the Rules and Format info for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Main Tournament at LANified! 29: One-Tap. You can find them at the event details page, or just click below.

LANified! 29: One-Tap - Mini-Tournament poll
We are considering running a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 3v3 Demolition mode Mini-Tournament at LANified! 29: One-Tap. This would be in addition to the other activities at the event, and would be included with your ticket to the event. We would like it if you voted in the poll, whether you are interested or not. The poll runs until June 28 2018, so vote before then please!

LANified! Job Openings
We at LANified! want to do lots of awesome things, but in all truth, each of our fabulous staff members can only do so much. As such, we are looking for some eager beavers to join our team! All openings are volunteer positions at this time. Naturally, you would not have to pay to enter any LAN you helped at. Typically people that join LANified! staff gain valuable experience that can be applied to their professional career, and we will help you in other areas where possible. But beyond that, we want staff that care about putting on the best LAN parties around.

Please review posting details below, and if you are interested in applying to any of our openings, just E-Mail your application to bloodyiron -Att- lanified -dotT- com. Do your best to explain why you want to join us, what you think we can do better, and include any relevant experience to gaming events and/or the role. If you have a resume, please include that. Resumes and prior experience are NOT required, we do internal training for all of our staff. In your application state your favourite cheese.

Broadcast Personalities (3 openings)
  • Critical Commentary on live gaming, at least CS:GO content, other games likely
  • On-camera discussion with other personalities + gamer interviews at events
  • Random banter between games
  • Positive, up-beat and energetic attitude. Ability to excite audiences part of the role

Broadcast Production (2 openings)
  • Control Live Broadcast production workstation in real-time, involving complex production software & (technical) configurations
  • Adjust graphical settings as production executes, including, but not limited to, lower-thirds, stingers and other overlays
  • Work with other LANified! staff to develop Live Broadcast configurations in advance of events
  • Handle Live Replay markings, playback, and other related facets
  • Real-time adjustment of Audio input balancing
  • Real-time adjustment of Video input aspects
  • Rapid switching/reconfiguration of broadcasting "scenes"

Broadcast Camera Work (1 opening)
  • Real-time control of in-game camera perspective for live broadcasting/recording purposes, at least CS:GO content
  • Occasional real-world/physical camera work for broadcasting of real-world scene/wide angle shot/other shot purposes
  • Intent is to capture the best possible action or interesting content for the viewer

Website/Software Development (2 openings)
  • Primarily contribute to development of the LANified! website, other development contributions possible in the future
  • LAMP stack, Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP
  • Docker
  • CSS
  • Possible SEO aspects
  • Familiarity with code repositories, code commits, work tickets
  • Website performance is important
  • Be prepared to help us convert our website from clunky to captivating

Event Multimedia Production & Promotions (2 openings)
  • Audio/Video Encoding/Transcoding, preferably tools that are OS agnostic (eg. KDEnlive, not Windows-Only)
  • Bit sampling, key frames, and other qualitative aspects of Digital Multimedia
  • Familiar with the practical difference between Stereo and "5.1"/"7.1" Headphones, bonus points for the difference between flat audio frequency response and exaggerated audio frequency response
  • Recording/production/editing real-world/in-game multimedia content at/between events for the purposes of historic/promotional, including audio/video mixing/balancing
  • Youtube/Twitch channel/video work, including, but not limited to, adding new videos, adding/editing Youtube/Twitch video overlay content, tuning of Youtube/Twitch channel, statistical review for channel improvements/tracking

If you've read this far, and you're still interested, you should probably apply for one of these roles.
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